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    After quite some time on the shelf collecting dust RoanokeX is back and from all accounts much better than ever. My travels over the past couple years had made it impossible to maintain the site but now that my feet are firmly planted back here in good ole' Roanoke Va I will be dedicating much time, effort and money to fulfilling all the promise the original site had.

    RoanokeX Features:

    • Discussion forum- This is a fully functional and feature rich application that allows for sharing both written messages, but image and videos as well.
      • In my opinion the best feature is the 'Like' system similar to Facebook that allows you to share some love with posters by 'Liking' their posts, videos and photos and rewarding them with 'like points' that in the near future will be go towards earning user trophies and titles.
    • Video Sharing Gallery - Currently in early BETA testing now, the video section will allow users to share Youtube (other formats later) with members and guests outside of the normal forum thread options.
    • Event Calaender - This is one of my favorite site features as it allows you to share events with members and guests as well as track attendance with an RSVP system. It also is integrated with Google Maps so you can input an Event Address and it will appear on a map embedded on site so everyone can easily see where it is.
    • Classifieds - Within the discussion forum we will be hosting a Roanoke Valley Classifieds section. This will feature For Sale, Jobs & Professional Services categories to start and upon growth of the site will expand to include more traditional sections.
    Site Membership:

    Membership in the site is 100% free and open to the anyone who is 13yrs of age or older.